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QLD Camping1

6 secret camping spots near Brisbane

03 December 2015 - by Shelly Winkel

For an activity that can be so liberating, camping sure has rules. At least it does in our group.

Even before we pack the tent, there’s a mandatory four-point checklist to meet:

  • The camping ground must be within two hours’ drive of Brisbane.
  • It must have an open fire pit (“you’re not a camper if there’s no damper”).
  • There has to be at least one hiking trail.
  • For one of our group at least, we need a flush loo.
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No Rust Bust: Warning Re Car Rust Reduction Devices

25 November 2015

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe is warning NSW consumers not to waste their money buying computerised electronic corrosion inhibitors (CECI devices) for motor vehicles after investigations by Western Australia Consumer Protection revealed the devices don’t work.

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