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Wurth Diesel Biocide, Cetane Rate Improver Treatment and Cleaner (250ml)

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A triple action diesel fuel system treatment for in-tank use that cleans protects and increases diesel engine performance.

Custom made for Australian conditions, Wurth Diesel Biocide, Cetane Rate Improver Treatment and Cleaner provides protection against diesel fuel system damage caused by harmful bacteria. Combined with a Cetane Rate Improver, you can be assured of more efficient starting in both hot and cold environments, lower fuel consumption, and increased power!

Coupled with Injector cleaning capabilities, Wurth Diesel Biocide, Cetane Rate Improver Treatment and Cleaner increases the burn rate to provide a more complete burn of diesel fuel leading to more power, less emission, less carbon build up and more fuel efficiency.

Wurth Diesel Biocide, Cetane Rate Improver Treatment and Cleaner is the perfect solution for preventative maintenance.

Active Biocide Protection

Provides protection against diesel fuel system bacterial contamination (commonly referred to as ‘diesel bug’).

  • Prevents ‘diesel bug’ related faults and break-downs occurring.
  • Protects the diesel fuel quality during medium or long term vehicle storage.

Cetane Improver

Increases the cetane rating of diesel fuel.

  • More efficient starting both hot and cold.
  • Lower fuel consumption.
  • More efficient combustion.

Injector cleaner

Injector cleaning capabilities help to maintain the condition of the entire fuel system.

  • More power.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Protects against corrosion.


For use in diesel passenger vehicles, light commercials, trucks, buses, construction machinery, marine and agricultural machinery. Also particularly suitable for use in above or below ground diesel fuel storage tanks on farms, transport depots etc. to maintain the fuel quality, especially during longer periods of storage.

Pour the recommended amount of treatment into the vehicle fuel tank when it is at least half full, or just prior to refilling the fuel tank.


Mixing ratios: Do not exceed a mixing ratio of 1:250 (Mixing ratio relates to ‘treatment to diesel fuel’ mixing ratios.)

250ml -> 62.5litres of fuel
1 litre -> 250 litres
5 litres -> 1250 litres fuel
20 litres -> 5,000 litres fuel


Material Safety Data Sheet


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