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YD25 D22 Genuine Nissan Parts Simplex Timing Chain Kit – FITTED


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This timing chain kit has fitting included by one of our authorised fitters. Select from the dropdown for your nearest fitter. Once the kit has been purchased you will be contacted by the qualified fitter to make a booking to do the job.

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Genuine Nissan Parts Timing chain kit has mostly genuine Nissan parts. The Nissan parts in the kit are that latest replacement parts Nissan has released. If you see parts in genuine packaging than they are genuine Nissan parts. If the parts are not in Nissan packaging than the parts are not genuine Nissan parts.

This kit includes an Australian made 4140 vacuum pump sprocket. The original vacuum pump sprocket is made from compacted powder. It is soft and brittle. This means that it wears rapidly. When it reaches a certain point of wear every second tooth then starts to brake off. As the wear continues the next lot of teeth brake off leaving the sprocket with no teeth. The broken teeth are washed by engine oil into the sump. Engine oil then washes the broken teeth into the lower steel sump. The teeth are then sucked into the oil pump strainer restricting the oil supply to the engine. The only way to get a new vacuum pump sprocket was to purchase a new vacuum pump from Nissan which cost $650. We developed the simplex vacuum pump sprocket as a superior alternative solution.

We only recommend this kit if you are selling the car straight away. If you intend to keep the car for several years than we recommend our duplex kit. Several customers have reported doing over 300 000 kms with our duplex kit fitted. With the duplex kit installed and you want to sell the car we will free of charge scope the cam crank and give you a print out of this which will prove that the chains are in good condition thus improving resale value. The new owner will know that they don’t have to do the timing chains.

Fitted with redesigned oil pump cover.

NOTE: These kits require attention to detail when fitting to ensure attention to detail and correct alignment. The job should take approx 8 hrs.


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