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Wurth Radiator Cleaner (250ml)

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Suitable for all engines when carrying out radiator and cooling system repairs.

Alkaline, pH 9 – 11.
  • Compatible with all substances used in radiator construction.
  • Not aggressive to plastics, rubber and metals.
  • Removes corrosion and sludge deposits in cooling circuit.
  • Enhanced operating reliability due to a clean cooling system.
Neutralises lime residues.
  • New coolant is protected against contamination.

Anti-freeze compatible, highly effective surfactant mixture.

Loosens and binds oily and greasy residues.

Areas of Use:

  • If the cooling system becomes contaminated after an engine repair, e.g. oil residues in cooling system due to cylinder head damage.
  • In event of deposits forming in cooling circuit.
  • Can be used preventively whenever the coolant is changed.


  • Add contents of can to coolant. Open heater valves. Run engine for about 30 minutes. Deposits which have been dislodged by the radiator cleaner must be flushed away without fail.
  • Flushing can be carried out without removing the thermostat. Replace coolant after use, bleed and check for leaks. It is recommended,to replace parts that have been affected by intruding oil, such as the expansion tank and water hoses.


250ml is sufficient for 10 litres of coolant,

1,000ml is sufficient for 40 litres of coolant.

Material Safety Data Sheet


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