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Wurth Diesel Performance Improver (300ml)

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For lubricating passenger car and truck diesel systems.

Prevents deposits from building up in the combustion chamber and injection system
  • Improves the lubricating effect of low-sulphur fuels – Therefore prevents surface abrasion and prevents the risk of the injection system malfunctioning.
  • The storage stability of bio-diesel fuels is extended
Ensures precise diesel injection
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Quiet engine running
Free from sulphur, phosphorous, metals and acids

300 ml is sufficient for 70 litres of diesel.

Compatible with all modern diesel oxidation catalytic converters. For all diesel engines with common rail and pump/nozzle technology.


Empty the contents of the can into the fuel tank. At least 10 litres of diesel should be in the tank to do this.

We recommend using every 2000 km and as a preventative measure after every repair performed on the injection system and engine.

Material Safety Data Sheet


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