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RDA Brakes

Brake rotors, drums, shoes and brake pads to cater for all vehicles and driving styles

RDA Brakes has one of the largest brake rotor, drum, shoe and pad ranges of its kind. The range encompasses some 3000+ vehicle applications.

RDA Brakes also stock a large range of applications that were not directly released into the Australian and New Zealand market, but have found their way by way of private import. All products are sourced from the world’s best manufacturers, all tried and tested in Australia and New Zealand making sure that all RDA Brake products pass strict quality control systems.

RDA Brakes has a dedicated team sourcing new applications, making sure whenever a new vehicle is released, RDA will have that product available as soon as possible, as the calls for replacement parts are coming sooner with every release.

As markets become more import driven by manufacturers, it is worth remembering that whilst the vehicle may be new to Australia and New Zealand, it has been on the road elsewhere in the world already. Included in the RDA Brakes range offering RDA Brakes are the Australian and New Zealand distributor for EBC Brakes which are the largest brake pad manufacture in the UK, providing a complete range of brake components from standard vehicle applications, through to performance upgrades, as well as light commercial.

Slotted & Dimpled Rotors

RDA Brakes Slotted & Dimpled Brake Rotor range are engineered to increase dissipation of water, dust and road grime from the contact area of your braking system and provide improved integrity of the pad and rotor surface through deglazing of the contact area.

Directional slotting surface also combats “out-gassing” caused by gas produced from the brake pad bonding agent forming a cushion between your pad and rotor and thereby reducing brake fade & increasing brake bite and pedal feel.

Brake Pads

RDA Brakes provides a three tier brake pad range, which has been manufactured using RDA’s GEN 3 compounds to suit the various driving styles and vehicle applications. Low metallic copper free, dense semi-metallic copper free and an advanced ceramic fibre compound. All three compounds are designed to reduce excessive brake dust commonly associated with OE R90 brake pads and all come with features and benefits you would find from OE.
RDA Brakes Extreme Brake Pads are a heavy duty copper free, dense semi-metallic pad designed specifically for frequent or heavy duty braking. Available in over 1,200+ applications, RDA Brakes Extreme will deliver consistent pedal feel and long service life in temperatures ranging from cold to 600°C

Brake Rotors, Drums & Shoes

RDA Brakes Standard Brake Rotor range incorporates features that you would see from OEM manufactured rotors, with the standard replacement rotors finished with RDA’s GEN 3 Anti-Rust coating which increases surface rust resistance on non braking areas.

All RDA rotors are heat tempered to ensure longer life in the metal composition and structure and ground finish to enhance initial brake performance. The comprehensive range is not limited to recently released vehicles but also includes vehicles dating back to the 50’s, from A to Z RDA Brakes has you covered.

RDA Brakes also manufactures a full range of brake drums, from small passenger vehicles to light commercial. RDA’s brake drums also incorporate features that you would see from OEM manufactured drums like bearings and ABS Rings as standard.

The RDA Brake Shoe range has been specially formulated to ensure low noise, low dust and maximum stopping power. Every set of RDA bonded shoes are shrink wrapped to prevent damage in transit and individually boxed for ease of storage and retail presentation. RDA also carries a range of Banksia handbrake bands which contain the minor hardware for faster fitment.

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